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Cason's Crystal Clear Color Preserver 

Cason Custom Rod Finishes

Cason’s Crystal Clear I

Cason’s Crystal Clear II

CCason's Crystal Clear Color Preservers:

Cason’s Crystal Clear I - - a Solvent based Solution

 Cason’s Crystal Clear I is an advanced, solvent based color preservative system that is completely clear at all stages of the process. The product also has good adhesion to a variety of substrates, and is compatible with all existing finish systems. It produces superior results with all types of thread, including silk and Madeira, with minimal changes in the color as compared with the “on the spool” colors. It also retains definition of color. To quote Billy Vivona: “When doing a shaded wrap Bill's CP does not "lose" the shades as you progress form one color to the next. So if you use 5 colors in a shade, the end result after CP & finish will be a 5 color shade. With other CP's, you will often end up with only 2 or 3 shades, and lose the shaded effect.”   

Cason’s Crystal Clear I also allows for the use of metallic thread that is mixed with other threads in the same wrap. The “sparkle” of the metallic thread is preserved while the color of the accompanying thread remains. Use two or more coats to ensure superior results, allowing each coat to dry thoroughly. Apply with a loaded brush without any vigorous brushing. Since this product is a solution it will quickly penetrate all types of thread. Wick off any extra and let it dry. Superior results are achieved if you turn the rod after application for 5 or 10 minutes. If you have any foaming or bubbles develop (usually caused by brushing too vigorously) then simply dip your brush into denatured alcohol and lightly touch any areas that exhibit bubbles. They will quickly disappear.

Cason’s Crystal Clear II -- a Water based solution
Like Cason’s Crystal Clear I, Crystal Clear II is an advanced polymer system that does a superior job of preserving color for all thread types, including metallics. It is unique, however, in that it is a water based product that is completely clear in the bottle. By using new polymer technology this product has achieved a completely clear color preservative that is a solution as opposed to a dispersion or suspension. It is clear in the bottle and remains clear on the wrap.

 Use two or more coats to achieve superior results. Wick off any excess preserver with your brush, and break any bubbles by dipping your application brush into plain water and then lightly touching the bubbles or foam with the brush. Turn the rod for the first five or 10 minutes. As with all color preservatives you should be careful to full cover the treated area with a quality finish.

No. Description Size
CASCC1 Solvent Based 1 oz.
CASCC2 Solvent Based 2 oz.
CASCC4 Solvent Based 4 oz.
CASCCW1 Water Based 1 oz.
CASCCW2 Water Based 2 oz.
CASCCW4 Water Based 4 oz.

made in the usa
examples of work showing the clarity of the product