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Aftco Rod Wrapping Finish

Aftcote Rod Wrap Finish
Super Clear, Durable, Flexible

Superior, Professional Custom-Formula

Superior, Professional Custom-Formula
AFTCOTE, the world's finest rod wrap finish, is a special two-part urethane-modified, custom-mixed epoxy, with superior qualities developed for specific use on fishing rods. NON-YELLOWING and UV-resistant, AFTCOTE is extremely durable, yet flexible to resist cracking and checking. It won't absorb water, so it doesn't turn milky, and its urethane base has superior working qualities -- water white clarity, self-leveling, longer working time, and easy bubble release. AFTCOTE cures with a super high-gloss sheen, and it has a longer shelf life than other rod finishes.

Available in 6 Kit Sizes!

  • 2 Ounce Kit
  • Half Pint Kit
  • One Pint Kit
  • Quart Kit
  • One Gallon Kit
  • Two Gallon Kit
Aftcote Rod Wrap Finishes
New - 2 oz. Kit