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8. Individuals who have authority to sign checks and or place orders:
How do you wish to pay for your orders? Please check the appropriate box(es):
Charge Card
Cash C.O.D. (cashiers check or money order only)
C.O.D. with company or personal check
Open terms
If you are applying for C.O.D. check or open terms you must fill out PART II of this application. In the case of a partnership
or sole proprietorship a social security number must be listed above in PART I. If you are paying with a charge card, please
fill out PART III on this application.
In consideration of Merrick Tackle Center, Inc. extending credit to the Applicant, the Applicant agrees to pay for all items delivered or
services rendered to or, at the request of, the Applicant, in accordance with the terms of each invoice. Applicant agrees that each of
the terms and conditions of sale stated on the invoices shall be a term of the contract of each sale from Merrick Tackle to the
Applicant acknowledges that a monthly service charge of the highest amount legally allowed in the state shall be made on all sums
due Merrick Tackle which have not been paid within the terms as stated on the invoice, and Applicant agrees to promptly pay said
service charge. An additional service charge, computed on the same basis, will be due and payable every thirty (30) days thereafter.
Waiver of any one or more service charges shall not be deemed a waiver of future service charges.
Applicant further agrees that with the regards to such service charges, Applicant and Merrick Tackle are parties to a written commer-
cial contract. Should it become necessary to place the account with a collection agency or attorney, the Applicant agrees to pay all
collection costs and attorney fees in addition to al other sums due. Applicant authorizes Merrick Tackle Center, Inc. to obtain credit
and financial information concerning the Applicant at any time and from any source. The undersigned warrants that the above agree-
ment has been carefully read and that Applicant understands completely. Applicant also warrants that all information provided is true
and correct.
Print Name of Applicant Title
Signature of Applicant Date
Personal Guarantee
Many privately held companies/corporations may want to exercise the opportunity for additional credit considerations by authorizing a
personal guarantee. In consideration of the extension of credit by the Seller herein to Buyer herein, the undersigned does jointly and
severally personally guaranty to pay and be responsible for payment of all sums, balances and accounts due Seller by Buyer, for goods
shipped against orders, including collection charges and/or attorneys’ fees.
This shall be an open and continuing guaranty and shall continue in force notwithstanding any change in the form of such indebted-
ness or renewals or extensions granted by Seller without obtaining any consent thereto, and until expressly revoked by written notice
from me/us to Seller. Any such revocation shall not in any manner affect my/our liability as to any indebtedness existing prior thereto.
I/we do hereby waive notice of the acceptance of this agreement, notice of default or non payment and waive action required by any
statute, against the Buyer. No delay on Seller’s part in exercising any right hereunder, or take any action to collect or enforce payment
of any obligation hereby guarantee, either as against the Buyer or any other person primarily or secondarily liable with the Buyer, shall
operate as a waiver of any such right or in any manner prejudice Seller’s right against me/us. I/we agree that in the event of any default
at any time by said Buyer, Seller shall be entitled to look to me/us immediately for full payment without prior demand or notice.
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