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VisualWRAP is a unique software package for fishing rod
builders. It lets you design decorative cross wraps for
custom fishing rods, view them in 3D, and calculate layout
spacings for your blank.
VisualWRAP is a software tool for working with decorative
cross wraps. It lets you design, edit, view and share cross
wrap thread patterns.
Cross wrap patterns are built up by laying colored threads
onto a rod in a certain sequence. Patterns in VisualWRAP
are based on a similar principle - using a scripting language
you tell the software where to place threads and in what
order. The software then draws threads on the screen,
showing how the pattern will develop.
The pattern is drawn in 2D and can then be sent to a 3D
viewer. This lets you see the pattern from any angle in
You can print out the 2D pattern scaled to the size of your
blank. This is useful for laying out patterns, but also for
showing how the pattern is going to look on your rod. You
can print out a table showing the layout spacings to suit a
tapered rod, or take measurements from the printed image.
A special recipe page draws the pattern at critical stages of
its development, so you can see how it should be looking.
You print the recipe and use it as a guide while you do the
VisualWEAVE is new Weave Design Software for Custom Rod
Builders. It is designed to make the job of creating grid patterns
and Left Lists for weaving as simple as possible.
The software allows you to easily:
• Load an image file, Create a grid pattern, and Create a Left
VisualWEAVE is from David Boyle, author of the VisualWRAP
Cross Wrap Design Software. It draws on the author's extensive
experience in writing and supporting software written
specifically for Custom Rod Builders, and incorporates ideas
and suggestions drawn from many of the leading practitioners
of the art of weaving.
System Requirements: Windows XP or Vista
• Import image files from photos, scans etc (bmp, jpg, etc) or
start with a blank grid.
• Automatically create a grid pattern from an imported image.
• Choice of 'Simple' or 'Advanced' sizing modes. Simple sizing
allows you to specify the number of rows & columns.
Advanced sizing takes into account the size of the rod, thread
sizes and desired finished pattern size to suggest a resulting
grid size.
• Auto color-matching. The software chooses the closest
available thread colours to match the colors in the original
• Palette-limiting. This allows you to select which thread colors
the software can use in the grid pattern.
• Preloaded with typical thread colours from known
• Grid editing tools for easy manipulation of the grid image
(freehand paint, outline, block, fill, erase, swap, undo).
• Ability to underlay the original image beneath the grid for
comparison or pattern tracing.
• Print to any scale.
• Ability to print nicknames along with colors.
• Advanced printing options allow you to change the shape of
the printed grid cell, making it easier to weave directly from
the printed grid. Traditional software only lets you print
rectangular grid cells.
• Advanced layer handling, allowing you to specify which
threads appear on which layers.
• Automatic Left List creation.
• Save projects for loading and/or editing at a later time.
• Help files
Decorative Wraps Pattern Animations" is a collection of animated movie files that show Cross Wrap
patterns developing thread-by-thread. Lines on the screen are used to represent threads on the rod.
Seeing a pattern develop in this way can make it easier to understand than the traditional method of
interpreting instructions from a book.
Decorative Wraps Pattern Animations is a collaborative effort from David Boyle, author of the
VisualWRAP and VisualWEAVE software packages, and Billy Vivona, author of the book "Decorative
The animations are designed to present potentially complex pattern information in a simple, intuitive
and easy to follow format, making the art of cross wrapping more accessible to a wider audience.
• 20 patterns to choose from, plus a general introduction
• A simple menu system for easy pattern selection
• Each pattern is shown wrapping thread-by-thread
• 3D image of the pattern appears at the end of each animation
• Instructions on the screen are in a standard common language, and give a hint as to how each
section of the pattern will progress (eg Box In, Cross Out, etc)
• Pause, rewind, fast forward as required to let you focus on each part of the wrap.
• Ideal for playing on a portable DVD player right on the table where you wrap. Watch it, then wrap it!
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