Bullet Hole Jigs

Interested in decorating your Butt-Cap Ends and Handles?
Check out our new Bullet Hole Jigs!

These Jigs are recommended for 1/2" Spotted, Burnt, and Rubberized cork rings. While you can use Natural and Burl cork rings, they are prone to chipping and you must use a very sharp drill bit. You don’t really need a gun for this project, we just liked the picture!


  • Jigs 1-1/2" OR 1-1/4" Jig
  • 1/4" Drill Bit (Wood drill bit works best and it must be very sharp)
  • Glue-any type works great
  • Small Brush (for glue if necessary)
  • Hand Drill or Drill Press
  • Sand Paper-very fine grade does the job
  • Table Vise
  • Masking Tape

Step 1:
Place cork ring inside of the jig. In the event the cork ring is a bit loose, place masking tape around the cork ring to snug things up a bit.

Step 2:
Place the jig (with the cork ring inserted) into the vise and tighten snuggly in a horizontal position.

Step 3:
Drill only ½" deep in the cork ring (allowing 1/8” extra for the jig itself). Repeat this step 4 or 8 times depending on how many holes you desire. Pre-mark your depth on the drill bit with masking tape.

Step 4:
Clear all the dust and debris that may remain in the holes. Generally a light tap is all that is needed to clear out any debris.

Step 5:
Dap or brush a very small amount of glue into each hole and insert plug accordingly. Note, only a very small amount of glue is necessary.

Step 6:
After the plugs are inserted and the glue is dry, lightly hand-sand the cork ring to smooth the surfaces.

Step 7:
There are thousand of patterns to create. Use any color or style of cork you wish. Your imagination is the limit!