Create your own weave design on your rod to set it apart from ordinary custom rods. We stock all the materials and tools you need to begin weaving.
• Patterns
• Every Color of Thread Imaginable
• Rod Builders Masking Tape
• Kel’s Jig or The Wonder Weaver
• Rod Builders Detail Light

Fish photo used for weave demonstration.

Weave in progress:

Photo and design by Kerry Hansen, Hansen’s Custom Rods

Weaving Patterns
All patterns are laminated so that you can use them over and over without destroying the paper when erasing your check marks. Lots of species to choose from or have your own design custom made for you! This is a special order which would also be laminated, complete with directions, all ready for you to begin weaving. For the complete line of patterns in stock see the Merrick Tackle Catalog page 32.

Kel’s Thread Weaving Jig
Includes 2 jigs, 1 for Size A thread and 1 for Size D thread.

Renzetti Wonder Weaver
Perform any standard weave, plus much more.