• CSA class #1 steel toe
• Foamed PU waterproof construction
• More comfort: wider fitting and kick-off spur
• More safety: higher toecap
• More slip resistance: improved sole profile
• Shock absorbant heel
• Cut-off line to make shorter boot
• Long life, tough wearing PU remains flexible to -30C
• Washable, moisture absorbing, cold insulating insoles
• Sizing 6-14

PU Characteristics

• Light as a feather: 40% lighter than rubber or PVC
• Thermo-insulating: cool in summer, warm in winter
• Durable: lasts 3 to 4 times longer
• Resistant to mineral, animal, and vegetable oil and fats, blood, disinfectants, manure, solvents, motor oil, and petroleum based chemicals.