ballyhoo bait tray

Ballyhoo Bait Trays

Turn your Igloo or Engel cooler into a professional bait box with our High quality Bait Trays.

Ballyhoo Bait Trays' exclusive anodized aluminum bait trays are the highest quality on the market. Our Bait Trays help transfer the cold much better than stainless steel and powder coated trays. Our trays are also less than half the weight of the over priced stainless trays and will never rust.

Ballyhoo Bait Trays are designed to rest on the step inside of the cooler to keep your bait above the melting ice.
Our Bait Trays not only have an array of 1/4" diameter drain holes to keep your bait fresh but we have added a great looking tuna hole pattern to add that custom touch.