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The Prime Bucktail Jig is
not like any other jig on the
market. The unique shape
of the head and placement
of the eyelet help bring this
lure to life. With bulging
eyes, holographic finish,
and blazing color, it puts
fish at your mercy. The
uniqueness of this bait is
that it doesn't fall or hang
straight down like other
bucktails. It glides through
the water, almost swimming
along. When jigged, its
body stays almost parallel
to the bottom maintaining
a very natural appearance.
Like all SPRO products,
Prime Bucktail Jigs are
made with durable, super
sharp Gamakatsu hooks.
Once you fish it, you'll
know why SPRO is the
shape of things to come.
It's hard to fish the
Prime Bucktail wrong. It
can be jigged off the
bottom for weakfish, fluke,
or other saltwater fish. Cast
it at schooling fish working
it quickly back to the boat
for cobia, stripers, snook,
or dolphin. Swim it along
in freshwater for big bass
and walleyes, or troll it for
reservoir stripers. It's hard
to find somewhere that the
Prime Bucktail won't work.
SPRO Bucktail Jigs
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