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When Fuji designed the MN series they developed a special way of twisting and bending the
frame to increase the total strength of the guide by more than 10%. This makes the guide ideal for Medium to Heavy
duty casting and spinning rods. Another advantage of the MN Series is that the unique frame design makes it virtu-
ally impossible for line to tangle, even on braided lines! By seating the Silicon Carbide ring in a “Deep Press” design
Fuji’s engineers made it so that even knots or swivels can’t damage it. The MN Series continues Fuji’s commitment
of providing guides that hold up to the rigors of everyday fishing.
The HB Series is a New Heavy Duty Boat Rod Guide for 30 to
50 lb class rods. This particular series has a new arc-Shaped, Stainless-Steel frame which increases the overall
guide’s strength, hardness and corrosion resistance. A sloped, shorter length frame adds to rod flexibility and less
line tangling. Fuji’s new embossed feature helps keep the foot from sliding out from under the thread. By increasing
structural and material strengths, the HB Series gives the angler a guide that is much lighter than the LR series.
Once again, these features add to the overall performance of the rod. The HB Series is available in sizes up to 25
and comes in Silicone Carbide and Silicone Nitride II rings for use in all fishing applications and conditions.
This guide was developed with the use of a high-speed camera,
which has a frame speed of an unbelievable 20,000 frames per second. What Fuji found was a tremendous
amount of twists and loops occurring around guides, that to the unaided eye, seemed as though the line moved
through the guides without any interference. This brought forth the “LC” Concept Guide frame. With its low,
sloping, and lightweight frame design, line entanglement is greatly reduced, enhancing casting distance and
accuracy, as well as reducing the total weight of the rod. Designed with a deep pressed frame that helps to
secure and protect the ring, the “LC” style guide is among the most innovative in Fuji’s line of guides and is a
great addition to the Concept Guide series.
After introducing the Aluminum Oxide ceramic guide to the fisherman, Fuji
became the first to produce a stamped, one-piece frame design in 1976. The “N” frame had no welds or snap
together frames, making it stronger, lighter in weight and improved corrosion resistance over any other guide at
the time. After over 30 years it remains one of the best frames ever designed and continues to be used in most
every style of fishing.
Fuji’s improved spinning rod guide was designed with a “V” frame design to
improve the strength of the guide over the original frame design. Fuji was the first to seat the guide ring directly
to the frame and the “V” frame became the first spinning guide with this new feature. By eliminating the shock
ring not only was the weight of the guide lightened, but also sensitivity was improved, enhancing overall rod
The “Y” frame or “Power Angle” is one of the strongest spinning guides made in
its class. It sits higher on the blank, than the standard spinning guide and for good reason. By sitting higher, line
slap is reduced allowing for greater casting distance with the same amount of effort. With it’s unique frame
construction this guide is up to 30% stronger, yet considerably lighter than your standard spinning guide. It is
available in all types of ceramic rings, as well as finishes, from size 7 to 30.
Tangle-Free Guides.
No-weld, deep pressed, “compact” frame sits lower on casting
rods yet still eliminates any area where line can “catch” on guide frame. Flared frame radius exceeds ring diame-
ter allowing looped-line tangles to slip forward and release automatically. Slightly forward ring angle promotes
fast, “self-starting” tangle release. Works equally well for mono, fluorocarbon and super braided lines. Single foot
specially designed, patent pending beveled foot adds superior stability to wrap.
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