Matagi Rod Building Components

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matagi fishing workshop for quality rod building components

Do you want to create a truly beautiful, unique fishing rod?
Then Matagi rod building components are what you need!
• Precision Craftsmanship
• Quality Materials
• Artistic Designs
• Innovative & Unique Ideas
Fuji painted reel seats
Fuji painted reel seats
Fuji painted reel seats
quality japanese fishing rod components
Crack painted reel seats

Click on image below for larger view
Crack paint color reel seat chart

Matagi handle
Matagi Colored Woven Tubing
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new colored woven graphite tubing
Coordinate your painted reel seat with the exact color
painted carbon tube for an outstanding rod.
Carbon Tubing Selection
carbon tubing selection
painted woven graphite tube with matching painted reel seats
New reel seat colors with coordinating color carbon tubing.
new salamander color reel seat
new green tree frog color reel seat

painted woven carbon tubes
Matagi Reel Seat Matagi Woven Carbon Tubes Matagi Metal parts Matagi Grip Materials

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matagi reel seats

matagi reel seats-detail

matagi grips

matagi grips


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