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Salmon/Steelhead Rigs
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Steelhead Jigs
15 feet Yarn
Egg Bead Dial Box
Salmon/Steelhead Snells
25 Pack Rolling Swivels
Rolling Swivel Dial Box
50 Pack Premium Octopus Hooks
1/8 lb Spool Red Mono
Jack Fish Rig
Super Easy Crabber
Collapsible Easy Crabber
Easy Crabber
Braided Lobster Rope 75 feet
Twisted Poly Rope  1/4" X 400'
Aluminum Crab Gague
Aluminum Lobster Gauge
Deluxe Oyster Gun
Harpoon Bullet Tip
Canadian Harpoon Tip
Bamboo Net
Collapsible Net
Rod Holder
Deluxe Spiral Rod Holder
Spiral Rod Holder
License Holder
Deluxe Bait Knife
Rocking Anchor
Claw Anchor
Folding Anchor
Expertly designed and put to the test, these hand tied salmon and Steelhead rigs come equipped with red
super sharp high carbon octopus hooks, fluffy bright colored yarn, abraision resistant 12 lb test line,
and vibrant colored easy drifters.  Available in 13 color configurations.
Made of brightly colored marabou and a super sharp 2x strong high carbon hook, these hand
tied Steelhead jigs are perfect for slaying big fish in the rivers.  Available in 1/8 and 1/4 oz
This assortment of red and orange beads are perfect for river fishing for trout or modifying your
favorite rigs or lure.  The see-through lid of the 6-compartment dial box allows you to pick the right
color bead for any occasion.  Available in 6mm, 8mm and 10mm.
Two long shank Aberdeen hooks attach to stainless steel spreader arms, allowing the bait to move.  The
rig features beads, barrel swivel for mainline hook-up, and bottom snap swivel for weight.
Plus 7 monofilament nylon line is formulated for superior flexibility and limpness for
accurate, effortless casting and line control.  Low stretch and a high-tensile strength give
this line excellent hook setting capabilities.  It’s made to resist cuts, scuffs and scrapes that
can weaken line.
Ideal for salmon and steelhead river fishing these 60” high abrasion resistant leaders come with a
super sharp high carbon red octopus hook and are snelled with a super strong egg loop for easy
assembly of yarn, beads and easy drifters.  Comes in 13 different sizes.
Premium high carbon steel hooks feature super sharp points and turned-up eyes for better hook sets.  
Available in both Red and Black Nickel, sizes 6 – 3/0
These extra strong swivels feature a super smooth rotation with virtually no line twist. Danielson rolling
swivels are perfect for river fishing, or any time line twist is a problem.  Available in 5 sizes.        
This multi-use, brightly colored yarn is great for tying salmon and steelhead rigs or for developing your own
special lure or fly.  Made of polypropylene this realistic feeling yarn comes in 10 colors
When rotation and lure action is essential you can choose just the right rolling swivel from this 20-piece
assortment.  The see-through lid of the 4-compartment dial box lets you pick the right rolling swivel and
change a lure or leader in seconds.
With a simple turn of the wrist this landing net is designed to swing open for quick access when
landing a big fish.  Handle folds down to 24” allowing easy boat storage.  Thislightweight/folding
handle landing net is constructed with a PVC coated tangle-free basket that prevents hooks from
snagging.  The black anodized aluminum handle features a non-slip foam grip.  When net is open
it measures 42” in length.  Hoop size is 19” x 16 1/2” and is 14” deep.
Constructed from stainless steel and wood, this harpoon stands 6 ft. The removable bullet shaped tip makes
replacement easy.  Ideal for use on big fish.  Available in 2 size bullet shaped tips.
Accessory for any of the Danielson wood handle halibut harpoon’s.  This bullet shaped tip is made out
of stainless steel for rust resistance.  Available in 2 sizes: 5 1/2" x 1/2"  and 7 1/2" x 1/2"
Accessory for the HHW6, this tip is constructed of high quality stainless steel for rust resistance.
These heavy-duty gaffs are what commercial fishermen use.  The proven hook design makes gaffing
safer, easier, and more accurate. Also used as a clubbing device, it is constructed of solid hardwood
and has an easy to grip handle.  The stainless steel hook is locked in place with a stainless steel sleeve.
Keep your license handy, visible and dry.  This waterproof license holder includes a removable, adjustable
neck lanyard and seals tightly insuring nothing gets lost or wet.  Feature your company name on the lanyard
for orders over 2000 pieces
This versatile rod rack is designed to hang horizontally or vertically.  The rubber grips slide into the aluminum
brackets to provide a fast, easy and economical way to store four fishing rods.  Comes with mounting screws.
Made of strong steel rod, these coil rod holders are simple in design and easy to use.  Finished in red
enamel to resist rust and corrosion.  Available in 3 sizes.
The deluxe version of the RHC516, this strong steel coil rod holder provides a built-in foot tongue to assist
with inserting the holder into the ground.  Enamel painted to resist rust and corrosion.
The simple design of this bait knife makes it a must for every fisherman.  It has a 3 1/4” stainless
steel blade and contoured handle.  The sharp, serrated blade cuts quickly and easily
This patented oyster tool makes opening oysters simple and protects your hands from sharp edges and
barnacles on the shell of the oyster.  Simply place the oyster on the pad, line up the stainless
steel point and pull the trigger.  Also includes a sharp oyster knife with protective sheath.
This galvanized, four-fluke anchor is lockable in an open or closed position and is perfect for
personal watercraft and dinghies.  Folds up easily for compact storage.  Available in 5 sizes.  
1.5lb, 3lb, 7lb, 9lb, 13lb
This galvanized rocking anchor is ideal in any river with heavy current and unforgiving bottom.  The
added break loose function, for easy retrieval, makes this anchor ideal for the Pacific Northwest
or any heavy current conditions.  Available in 3 sizes.  20lb, 25lb & 30lb
This galvanized claw anchor can tackle all kinds of rocky and rough areas.  Use this in rough water
areas for secure hold.  Available in 5 sizes:  11lb, 16.5lb, 22lb, 33lb, 44lb
Designed with ramp entrances, this octagon crab trap with built-in bait cage, and large top and side
openings, pairs perfectly with our premium accessory kit.  Accessories include:  crab gauge, 100 ft. of
lead core rope, deluxe harness, and crab float.  This kit is professional grade and contains everything
but the bait.
Your favorite collapsible crab trap just became even more convenient!  Now everything, but the bait, is
paired with the FTC in this simple-to-use weekender kit!  Accessories include:  crab gauge, harness, bait
pin, 50 ft. of retrieval rope, line snap, and foam float.
This kit will be a surefire hit with the kids.  The easy-to-follow instructions are written for parents and kids
or the first –time crabber.  Accessories include:  crab gauge, 48 ft. of retrieval line, and bait pin.
This aluminum gauge is a quick and easy way to measure lobster up to 3 1/4”.  Also features a hole
for attaching a lanyard.
This blue anodized aluminum gauge is notched to measure crab shells at 5 3/4”, 6”, and 6 1/4”, it also
diagrams the gender for easy identification.  A 1 1/2” ring makes it easy to verify the most
commonly required minimum clamshell size.  It also features a 1 3/16” shrimp carapace measure and a
hole for attaching a lanyard.
This 1/4” x 400’ twisted poly rope comes on a spool and is ideal for crabbing or shrimping in deep waters.
This 1/4” x 75’ multipurpose braided polyethylene rope is easy on your hands yet strong enough to hull up
your lobster trap.  Ideal for lobster catching in California.
This lightweight trout net is designed with a PVC coated tangle-free basket that protects the fish and
prevents hooks from snagging.  This bamboo-laminated net measures 24 1/2” in length.
Hoop size is 17” x 11” and is 10 1/2” deep.
Bait Net
Bait Net
Yarn Dispenser
Collapsible Crab Trap
Keep your yarn dry and easily accessable with the NEW Danielson yarn dispenser.  The clear plastic
jar has a built in grommet that allows easy access to yarn.  Simply pull out the desired amount of yarn
and cut.  Holds approximately three feet of yarn.
This bait net features a 19" fixed plastic handle and non slip foam grip.  The 7 1/2" wide square shaped hoop
allows the nylon netting to naturally hang open for easy scooping and trapping of bait.  The depth of this net
is 9".
This heavy duty, double ringed, aluminum handle bait net is specifically designed for scooping bait from
deep tanks.  The 38" handle comes with a non-slip foam grip, and the double ringed construction protects
the fine mesh netting from abrasion.  Hoop size is 13" X 18" deep
Constructed of vinyl coated steel wire and heavy-duty thick nylon mesh webbing, this circular trap
features two entrance tunnels and two escape rings.  Measuring 27 1/2" in diameter with a hinged
lid for easy crab removal and bait placement.  This crab trap collapses down for easy storage
Salmon Egg Spinner Assortment
These heavy duty spinners feature a salmon egg bead that attracts rainbows, steelhead, salmon
and other game fish. The highly polished blades provide a thumping flash, and the steel body makes
for longer, more Accurate casting. Available in both gold and silver in sizes 3, 5 and 6.